About us

Since the summer of 2019, the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation has begun searching for incunable editions held in libraries all over Greece and recording them in the database Material Evidence in Incunabula, as part of the 15cBOOKTRADE project. The information recorded in MEI includes material evidence surviving in 15th-century printed books: decoration, binding, marginalia, stamps, records of previous owners, prices, etc. 

Incunabula (or incunables), books printed in Europe before 1501, hold a special part in the history of the book and are a continuously rising research subject internationally. 

In the five-year period 2014-2019 the 15cBOOKTRADE project recorded and analyzed evidence found in incunabula held in large and small European and some American libraries. The project is now completed, but research continues; its databases are constantly enriched, including more and more libraries from all around the world.

The incunabula surviving today in Greek libraries are relatively few. They were recorded for the first time by the British researcher Dennis Rhodes in the 1970s, in his book Incunabula in Greece. In 2016-2018, the 15cBOOKTRADE researcher Geri Della Rocca de Candal and his collaborators, funded by the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, recorded in detail all the incunabula held in the libraries in Athens, and began work in other Greek libraries. 

The Foundation  continues this work in the libraries of Greece, with a team from the Historical Library Special Collections department, consisting of historian Dr Vera Andriopoulou, and classicists Kleopatra Kyrtata and Angeliki Papadopoulou.