Incunabula in Greek Libraries

Follow us to a journey for the discovery of the 15th century books in Greek libraries

Our journeys

Rethymno Central Public Library

Our second stop in Crete was in the town of Rethymno. On Stavrianos Mpiris Str. 6, just a few metres from the angry wintry sea, stands the town’s Central Public Library. Since 2017, the Library has been housed in a new modern, spacious building.

Vikelaia library – Heraklion, Crete

Our second organized visit to record incunabula in libraries outside Athens, this time in Crete. Crete is a special case since, until recently, we did not know about the existence of incunabula in its libraries, with the exception of the University of Crete Library copy, recorded and digitized in the digital library Anemi.

Koventareios Municipal Library of Kozani

The Koventareios Municipal Library of Kozani is one of the largest and best organized historical libraries in Greece. It is famous for the large number of its early printed material, including five incunables. So, it is not surprising that the first stop in our journey of searching for and recording incunabula in Greece was Kozani and the Koventareios.

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